Logika’s purpose is to preserve the integrity of your products during their handling, shipment and exposure to surface treatments. Prior analysis and focused design make us able to suggest the best and safe way to protect the things you care about.
Trust in Logika getting the best suggestions for full protection of your products!

About us

Easy Fit Protection Kits

For a fast and easy assembly. Multi shaped PVC protections to protect critical areas of the mechanical components from collisions, scratches and foreign objects damage (FOD).

Multi shaped caps, knobs and screws

Made of different ranges of plastic materials such as PVC, nylon, silicone and rubber. Available as standard items on our catalogue or designed on customer’s purpose.

Adhesive tapes

For special applications. Suitable for high temperature and chemical processes like plasma or decoating processes.

Special gasket and masks for protection

For protection of the component during exposure to chemical, galvanic, plasma and sandblasting treatments. Prior analyses of the product to be protected and focused design before production.

Plastic containers and pallets

Eco-friendly, multi-purpose plastic and folding boxes, containers and pallets.

Rugged, protective shipping cases and trolleys

Multi-purpose cases with foam interiors to ensure protection during movement and shipment.

Abrasive media

For sandblasting, grinding, lapping and polishing operations on the component surface.

(DPI) personal protective equipment

Protection glasses, high quality filtering masks, clean room protection clothes and devices.

Special tooling and equipments

Special tooling and equipment manufactured on customer’s purpose for handling and shipping mechanical components. Available in many different materials according to required performances.

Logika s.r.l.

Logika is a young and very reactive company specialized in design and supply of plastic components as well as special tooling for protection of mechanical parts during their handling and movement through the different working areas, their exposure to surface treatments and shipment outside the plant avoiding damages from crashes and FOD dangers (foreign objects damages).