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easy fit protection kits

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Design and manufacturing of special protections for handling and shipment of mechanical parts taking care of their critical areas and avoiding damages during transport and surface treatments. Conceived as well for protection against FOD or to bear high temperature treatments.

Prior analyses of customer’s needs and component shape to conceive the best protective device.


  • PVC
  • Expanded PVC ( FOREX)
  • Polizene
  • Nylon

Execution by using water-jet or traditional mechanical cutting

  • Thermoformed PVC protections for embossed shapes

We can supply single protections or full kit when you need more critical parts to be protected on the same components. We supply a carton box containing the protection kit with annexed drawing to make the fitting easier and shorter.

multi shaped caps, knobs and screws

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We supply standard items available in stock as well as special caps, knobs and screws executed according to customer’s needs, made of:

  • Rubber
  • Silicone
  • PVC
  • Polyethylene
  • Nylon

Available as well for high temperature condition and for protection of the component during surface treatments (galvanic, plasma, decoating or sandblasting processes).

adhesive masking tapes for special applications

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We supply adhesive tapes for special applications such as :

  • Aluminium tapes
  • Glass fiber tapes
  • PVC tapes
  • Silicone tapes
  • Paper tapes
  • Printing tapes
  • Polyester tapes
  • Vinyl tapes
  • Polyamide tapes

Especially conceived for protection during surface treatment processes (plasma, galvanic process, high temperature treatments, varnishing, sand-blasting)

special masks and gaskets

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  • Guarnizioni di Protezione
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Special masks and gaskets to protect the components during surface treatments ( plasma, sandblasting or shot blasting ) to be  shaped and moulded according to the component to be protected and type of process ( high temperature, chemical components ).

Industrial gaskets both standard and specially designed made of viton, rubber, expanded ptfe

We offer:

  • Drawings elaboration
  • Prior 3D simulation
  • Master prototypes for tests before production

plastic boxes, containers and pallets

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  • Contenitore in plastica
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Multi-purpose plastic and folding boxes, dividing the internal space using customized panels to store items in a safe way. Material we use to create these panels is usually PVC foam and they are fixed to a grille in polyethylene: in this way we propose a kind of hive where items can be located in order not to move during transfers

We offer special designed containers and pallets for every need.

rugged cases and trolleys

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  • quadraflex
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Rugged cases and trolleys for handling and shipment:

  • The best protection against strikes
  • The most advanced safety security
  • Foam interiors to ensure proper protection

Dimensions and structure according to customer needs

Logika represents Kuhmichel brand in Italy supplying all their range of abrasive media ( white / brown alumina, steel shots, glass beads) available in a wide range of particle sizes and shapes.

Able to meet every need in grinding, lapping and polishing applications :

  • Rust,oxide and burrs removal
  • Sandblasting operations on aeronautic non-ferrous metals, plastic or glass
  • Casting, trimming and finishing applications
  • Grinding and lapping treatments

We offer technical support and manage laboratory tests for releasing approved batches to the customer.

All types of abrasive available are reusable several times and can be recycled in the most ecologically responsible manner.

DPI – personal protective equipment

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Safety equipment:

  • Protection glasses
  • Safety gloves
  • ‘clean room’ protection clothes and devices
  • high quality filtering masks designed on purpose for your special needs protecting from involatile solid and liquid particles

special tooling and equipments

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Special tooling on customer’s purpose for handling and shipment to be made of several materials like:

  • Aluminium, Steel, Brass
  • Expanded materials
  • Plastic materials

We support the customer by developing the drawing for the needed tooling as well as 3D prototypes sample if needed.